IIoT World: Winning the digital game with a collaborative ecosystem virtual conference

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IIoT World: Winning the digital game with a collaborative ecosystem virtual conference

Learn how an open, collaborative digital ecosystem connects you to technical resources and tools, communities of experts and partners, and a digital marketplace to Create, Collaborate, and Scale business-relevant digital solutions, software, and services.


With Cyril Perducat, EVP IoT & Digital Transformation, discover how the open Schneider Electric Exchange business platform brings together experts and innovators from across industry, software, and startups to solve sustainability and efficiency business challenges - use case by use case - with agility, speed, and relevance.


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This is a great resource for hearing Cyril's vision for the Exchange.  A few high points for me from the video:

  • We are shifting the conversation from building technology to solving real world problems (like efficiency and sustainability)
  • SE has evolved in recent decades, shifting from a legacy of hardware focus to our new emphasis on software / services / connectivity.  Cyril pointed out that we were embracing on-premise connectivity before it was called IoT
  • Our shift to this more digital version of our business opens the door for new personas and domain experts.
  • The Exchange is intended to enable our structured approach to collaboration, bringing together different domain experts and solution providers


I also really liked how Cyril and Jean Cabanes (with Accenture) addressed companies that aren't as receptive to collaboration (yet).  Jean said that collaboration has to be in the DNA of any company that wants to grow and succeed in business today.


It was also good to hear of Robert Russell's experience collaborating on the Exchange to develop and promote his predictive maintenance solution for Senseye.  It's always refreshing to hear success stories.


Thanks for sharing this, Oma!