Ask an Expert - November session


Ask an Expert - November session

Hello all, 


Thanks to all of you who participated to our community webinar - “Innovation Talk - Ask your questions to our BMS Experts”, on November 19th 2019


We introduced to you a new concept, an Expert Learning Session and you took this opportunity to interact with Schneider experts to learn more about their business and ask them directly questions: some of you got their issues solved! 


A warm thanks to our two EcoStruxure Building Experts: @DavidFisher & @Benji who took from their time to answer your technical questions!


Thank you @Saketaram@Kanber@BradfordB and all for your participation! 





We hope to see you in our next session on December 12th - registration process coming soon 


Thank you very much for your time and performance @DavidFisher  and @Benji !


Just a reminder that we are going to change the subject of this webinar every month. Stay tuned and see you next month!


Have a nice day 🙂


Picard | EcoXpert Master
While, unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to participate and see live the above sessions, I really had the pleasure of playing back the recordings.

This is something I have been dreaming for the last past 20 years or so. It has finally come to reality!

This is what brings together not only the Schneider Exchange Community members together, but the opportunity for them to rise their questions and concerns directly and live with the “suppers users”, “admins”, product developers, product support, and the core organizers of these events. This is what it means “I am willing to listen to you and take in consideration your feedback”.
And, trust me, this is not as easy task as it may sound… Besides time and co-ordination around the globe efforts, it takes guts to do so. Not too many companies now days, in my personal opinion, would take such a “risk”.
Thank you, @Omaelk, @FirdousKhan , and @Jean_Commeignes working hard towards in improving the Exchange user experience and constructive presentation of Exchange Forums. Also, for the interactive demonstrating of how to use Exchange.
@DavidFisher – thank you for digging out the shared pool of the previous knowledge base and forums for the benefit of the Exchange that is now! And yes, please ALL, note that there is always a Learning Curve, no matter how steep it is! And yes, the Ideas section is great! And makes everyone feel assured that their voice is being listened to..
Thank you, Dave for the informative info on search filters and tips.
@Benji – You described it best (Community Exchange) – “I like being challenged!”
The Community it is what keeps me going… - No one knows everything, but everyone knows something
something to learn and gain for everyone.

Last but not least, yes , @Omaelk, the Exchange collective knowledge forums do solve many users challenges in no time and before bugging PSS 😊 so, yes, Time Zones across the world are no longer barriers for getting a solutions through Exchange.
Finally, the answer of your question is probably already here 😊 !
Just search for it. If you cannot  find it, post your request for it! And soon will be there...


Thank you very much for these very touching words! 😍


Your feedback helps us very much.


We are delighted to see you enjoy this new type of webinars, and we will continue in this direction ✈️