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Lieutenant JG

IP address of production environments

Hi Ops,

I wanted to know if the IP address of our production environments could be changed from one day to the other?

This may cause issues with tenants integrated with your partners infrastructures for which they have to create exceptions in their firewalls.



Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Re: IP address of production environments

Yes, the addresses can change.  In fact, I think we are due to rotate soon.  For the firewalls, I thought they had an option to specify a domain instead of a static IP?

Lieutenant JG

Re: IP address of production environments

Unfortunately, our customer can only set IP address and no DNS.

Can we please be informed when that action will happen and the future IP?

Re: IP address of production environments

All EO production servers are assigned static IP addresses, allocated specifically to us by Amazon Web Services.  These are static, unchanging IP addresses.

While an IP address could, theoretically have to be changed, we would consider this a MAJOR change to the production environment and we would inform the community - and our customers - well in advance.

As Sergey suggests in his post, the safest way, when possible, is not to rely on a fixed IP address but to use the fully-qualified doman name (FQDN) such as  However, as Maxence mentions, some systems or devices do not allow for this.  The EGX300 itself is, unfortunately, not able to resolve DNS entries but relies on a "hard-coded" IP address.

Sergey is not correct in suggesting we are "due to rotate soon".  There are no "rotations" of IP address.  In general, an IP address would only change if we

1) Moved a tenant from one server to another

2) Moved to a different region within the Amazon infrastructure (for example, move a server or tenant from Europe to Singapore)

3) Changed infrastructure providers

None of these activities is currently scheduled.

Lieutenant JG

Re: IP address of production environments

Many thanks for the valuable answer Shaun!


Re: IP address of production environments

A while ago, I did notify the tenant administrators and tech support that we were "due for a rotation soon" because we had a migration to Azure on our roadmap. Now that this is shelved indefinitely, the EO tenants are not currently scheduled for any IP address changes. As Shaun stated, a second Relay Server will be created in Europe. This will have a different IP address and URL. Once established, we will notify Europe based tenants and determine if they want to move their FTP data.