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Domain name forwarding


My Customer TOTAL, has requested an URL to it IT Department in their domain in order to get Energy Operation.

The case is the following :  the URL provided by =S= is : and they want to get their tenant in EO with the following one :  

The IT department of TOTAL is OK to add this address in the rule of their Firewall but they are expecting from =S= an IP Address for security raison.

It is possible to provide a stable IP addres to TOTAL with the Cloud of Amazon ?

If yes, may I communicate this one : I have got with tracert ?

Thanks and best regards.


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Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Re: Domain name forwarding

Any objections or further instructions to Yvan?


Re: Domain name forwarding

We're investigating. Will get back to you shortly.


Re: Domain name forwarding

Thanks for the investigation.

We have a meeting next thusrday with TOTAL and we are expecting to use this domain.

In order to let you understand the result I have bought, for the fun, the domain : and forwarded the URL to

So if you enter : you will have the result that TOTAL is expecting with their own domain :

If an unique IP address is not realistic, what I can understand for a cloud, could you request to Amazon if IP address of DNS servers could be used (more stable ?) ?

Many thanks for your help