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This Forum is aimed to support Power Distribution Professionals, involved in design or implementation of Power Distribution. Selectivity/coordination/cascading, Sequence of operations, Secure Power architecture, Asset performance
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Secure against over temperature in electrical switchboards

Hello all, 


Just discovering this new Community at the time I have to implement a switchboard within a high temperature environment (40°C), I am looking for guidelines to relevantly design this switchboard against its demanding environmental conditions.


Would anyone have any experience in this topic and could point at simple and relevant design and implementation recommendations?


Thanks in advance.



Re: Secure against over temperature in electrical switchboards



Following your question, please find some inputs to help you in your specification: ambient temperature 40°C to low voltage switchboard installation.

Based on the standard to the type of Assembly, IEC61439-1/2 the reference to the external ambient temperature is 35°C, so your personal constrain is not so high and so far,

I don’t know if your Assembly switchboard is compliance with IEC61439, but I hope so, if it is the case the Original Manufacturer shall be able to produce the rated current at different temperatures, and to different type of IP level which influence the convection and so the rating of the component installed into the enclosure. 


The  aim of IEC61439 is to propose an Assembly with a high level of Electrical Safety and Power availabily.

That mean, when you get an IEC61439 Assembly you get verified performances coming from an Original Manufacturer responsible of the Design verifications and from an Assembly Manufacturer responsible of the routine verification.

The sums of those verification drive to an Assembly equipment with performances verified and certified to the full life of usage of an Assembly.

For example, the IEC61439 ensure the thermal stability and reliability, the rated current and the short-circuit withstand stress, all the clearances and creepage distances to the insulation coordination.

This high level of performances is the guarantee to avoid safety risk to people protection and loss of service continuity.

I use the opportunity to encourage you to have a look on the different blog articles referring to the same kind of topics most precisely:


And a small video


Best regards,

LV system inst. expert - Standardization officer


Re: Secure against over temperature in electrical switchboards


We have great experience on design / build / operate panels in the regions where temperatures are up to 55º, like Middle East. I would recommend you to contact the local Schneider team there to get a brief on the key topics. Let me know if you need more details as names of people.



Re: Secure against over temperature in electrical switchboards