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This Forum is aimed to support Power Distribution Professionals, involved in design or implementation of Power Distribution. Selectivity/coordination/cascading, Sequence of operations, Secure Power architecture, Asset performance
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[Post-HealthCare webinars] - Time to announce the winners of the Quizz!


Dear members, 


The Quizz of the month is over. Thank you for your participation!

To know more about HealthCare design, please refer to our webinar presentation and record:



It's time to announce our two winner:


 Congratulations to Comfortlab and Sam18, who correctly answered questions and were randomly sorted


Question 1:  answer a)

What are the top 3 priorities you should keep in mind when specifying a HealthCare project?


a)         Operational Efficiency - Patient & Staff Safety & Security - Improve Patient Satisfaction

b)         Safety – Availability – Efficiency – Connectivity

c)         Cybersecurity – Profitability – Collaboration


Question 2:  answer b)

In healthcare environment, for the continuity of service, to which medical location should we apply the “Classification <0,5 second – 3 hours endurance (1 Hour battery remaining time if there is Genset)”:

a)         Medical location where Medical Equipment Systems are used and where discontinuity of the electrical supply does not represent a risk to the safety of the patient

b)         Medical location where discontinuity of the electrical supply to Medical Equipment Systems represents a risk to the safety of the patient

c)          Medical location where no Medical Equipment Systems are used


Question 3:  answer b)

To ensure power availability in a 300 Bed Hospitals, which solution should you use?

a)         BMS System

b)         Power Monitoring system

c)         Power Scada system


Best regards, and happy new year to all


Jean Commeignes

Exchange Power & Building Community Manager