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Arc Fault Detection

I have seen in different North American sites multiple references to Arc Fault Detection solutions.
I struggle to find such solutions in IEC markets.

Is there any reason for that? Would such solutions exist in Europe?



Re: Arc Fault Detection

Thank you for this question.

The Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDD) exist in the European market since 2014.

The product standard that describes the performances of this type of protective devices, IEC 62606, has been released in 2013, and since 2014, the IEC 60364 (installation standard) recommends the use of AFDD in residential and buildings installations:

  • in Sleeping accommodations: e.g. bedrooms (in residential), hotels, nursing home
  • in Locations with risks of fire due to the nature of processed or stored materials: e.g. barns, woodworking shops, stores of combustible materials
  • in Locations with combustible constructional materials: e.g. wooden buildings
  • in Fire propagating structures: e.g. high rise buildings
  • in Locations with endangering of irreplaceable goods: e.g. museums

For more information, please consult:


Best Regards;

AFDD offer manager