TAP Patch Panel


TAP Patch Panel

This question was originally posted on DCIM Support by Eitan Nachman on 2019-12-30


I have a TAP patch panel installed in my data center.

it basically an optical cassette that has a LC connectors at the front and 2 MTP connectors at the back. A link the connected to any of the LC port is duplicated to 2 remote optical cassettes the connected via the back MTP.

Do you have an idea how can i represent this kind of TAP in the DCO? 



Re: TAP Patch Panel

This answer was originally posted on DCIM Support by Greg Sterling on 2020-01-03

Hello Eitan

Unfortunately I cannot offer you a great work-around for this question as DCO does not currently support cables/connections which are not one to one. This is particularly difficult in this case as its a patch panel.

Usually in MTP scenarios I can direct the user to artificially double the port count on the source side so that proper multiple connections can be made to the destination side. But in your case you're referring to a patch panel so this means the front and back connections would have to be doubled making the connections to the patch panel more cumbersome as you'd have to make two connections on the front side as well so the backend side aligns properly.

We have had other feedback from customers who are requesting support for MTP cabling. Can I add your feedback to the request?


Greg Sterling



Re: TAP Patch Panel

This comment was originally posted on DCIM Support by Eitan Nachman on 2020-01-05

Yes, you can.

thank you for the reply. 



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