Send SMS with DCE & Netbotz: Requirements & installation procedure


Send SMS with DCE & Netbotz: Requirements & installation procedure

I understand there are SMS gateways on the market or or we could select SMS service from and internet provider.


Do you have a kind of checklist for requirements & installation procedure? / thank you in advance.


Re: Send SMS with DCE & Netbotz: Requirements & installation procedure



I am just sharing some tips here, hopefully, it may help. The below steps are based on a hardware SMS Gateway that relays emails and sends SMS alert the same time



1. SMTP settings including Mail server IP address, SMTP Port user, authentication if required. 

2. Valid SIM Card, security pin has been removed for the SIM. 

3. Good network coverage for SIM card's operator. Poor network coverage may lead to SMS unable to send. Locate best location that has the best network coverage. 




1. Ensure the network connection to Customer Network and APC LAN (assuming the hardware has 2 NIC) is established and reached by DCE / Netbotz. If email is not required, Customer Network will not be required. 

2. Confirm that a valid SIM card is inserted properly into the GPRS/ 3G/ 4G modem. Valid SIM card shall register automatically to the operator and recognized by the SMS Gateway. 

3. Check the Operator's / Modem signal, the signal should be above good. Relocate the modem's antenna for the best coverage. 


Configuration and Test:

1. Test the SMTP connection by initiate an email test to the customer's email by using SMS Gateway's internal test tool.

2. Test an SMS send from SMS Gateway by using the SMS Gateway internal test tool. 

3. Confirm steps 1 and 2 are successful before proceeding with the next step. 

3. Confirm that DCE / Netbotz is under the relay host allowed list to enable DCE and Netbotz to use the email / SMS service from the SMS Gateway. 

4. Configure SMS Gateway as primary email server and customer's SMTP address as backup email server in DCE / Netbotz. 

5. Use short message email in DCE / Netbotz to send SMS notification. 

6. Use the SMS recipient format as stated in the SMS Gateway help content. e.g. number@<sms_gateway_ip_or_hostname>. The email recipient will remain as a normal email address. 

7. Test both email and SMS Alarm action and confirm with the recipients have received them (SMS and Email)  successfully. 

8. Once the test is successful, proceed with actual alert test where the notification policy applies. 


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Re: Send SMS with DCE & Netbotz: Requirements & installation procedure

What a wonderful help / Thank you.

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