Netbotz 750 wireless coordinator fw upgrade


Netbotz 750 wireless coordinator fw upgrade

This question was originally posted on DCIM Support by orlando garcia on 2020-01-22

At a customer site we saw all wireless sensors get upgraded but the wireless coordinator with remains with fw 1.1.1 is staging fw 1.1.2 target listed as 1.1.1.  Status listed as pending update.

The coordinator has been pending update for several days.  Is there a way to manually update it instead?  Automatic updates were enabled, the Netbotz 750 has fw 5.2.0



Re: Netbotz 750 wireless coordinator fw upgrade

This answer was originally posted on DCIM Support by Cory McDonald on 2020-01-30

orlando garcia,

The staging storage within the Wireless Coordinator / Router is used for 2 different tasks:

1) Newer firmware for the coordinator is loaded into Staging, before switching over to be the current for the Coordinator.

2) Firmware for any downstream devices (wireless sensors or routers) is loaded into staging on the coordinator before it can be pushed to the downstream devices.

The Coordinators staging firmware is currently 1.1.2, as it was necessary to be staged in order to upgrade the downstream devices.

The only issue here is that the staging version within the E12 Front wireless sensor is not proper.  The upgrade may have failed, and it may correct itself.  If not, you will need to reach out to your local customer care center team for assistance.

There is also another sensor that is disconnected, but from the screen capture and your comments, this does not appear to be of concern.  Maybe it was manually shut off or is out of range of the coordinator.





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