Dco 8.2.12 Restore Backup


Dco 8.2.12 Restore Backup

This question was originally posted on DCIM Support by Gianluca Bertuletti on 2019-01-21

Hi All

with a new DCO v8.2.12, backup and restore are moved to web client.

What happen if Web client doesn't work?

From webmin i can import a file but how can i restore it?

in the previously release we were able to do backup and restore from webmin

thanks a lot


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Re: Dco 8.2.12 Restore Backup

This answer was originally posted on DCIM Support by Jef Faridi on 2019-01-21

Hi Gianluca,

That's a good question. If the web client doesn't work, then some trouble shootings may be needed. So simply restoring a backup file might not be the solution.

However if the server should be in bad state, then a clean installation + restoring a back file may be the best option.

Kind regards



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