DCO Search - 1000 Results?


DCO Search - 1000 Results?

This question was originally posted on DCIM Support by Mark Butcher on 2020-01-07


When trying to perform a search across our global estate it only returns the first 1000 results which has proven an issue on multiple occasions, is there a plan to fix this - or has this already been fixed in ITA?

(currently on DCO 8.3.2)




Re: DCO Search - 1000 Results?

This answer was originally posted on DCIM Support by Greg Sterling on 2020-01-09

Hello Mark. 

I do not believe there are plans to change this behavior in the desktop client. You do have a couple of options though. You can export the entire search result from the desktop client although I admit that may not be convenient.

In newer versions of ITA, the web client can now run filterable searches against all inventory. The capabilities to customize the filters, viewable columns, and exporting results have improved in the last couple of ITA releases. I have pasted a simple example below. The two highlighted buttons represent the buttons you click to customize the filtered fields (on the left) and which columns you see (top right).


Greg Sterling



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