DCO/ITA Backgrounds - Web & Client


DCO/ITA Backgrounds - Web & Client

This question was originally posted on DCIM Support by Mark Butcher on 2020-01-07


Is it possible to view DCO backgrounds in the web version - I have added multiple backgrounds both at folder level and as a backgrounds for the rooms themselves from within the client and neither are showing on the web version?

We are currently running 8.3.2 but will be upgrading to ITA 9.0.4 in the coming weeks - has this been fixed for this, or is there a plan to introduce it in the future if not?

Following the upgrade to ITA, will the uploaded backgrounds still be there - is there any danger of losing them?

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Re: DCO/ITA Backgrounds - Web & Client

This answer was originally posted on DCIM Support by Jef Faridi on 2020-01-09

Hi Mark,

Viewing the background image (in DCO or ITA) is not supported in web client. That is basically desktop client based functionality/feature.

For the time being there are no plans to support viewing the background images in web-client, however going forward the near future plan is to "move" most (and in time bearably all) desktop-client functionality to the web-client. I would expect that support of background images in web-client may also be something to look into.

There should not be any problem with the background images when upgrading to ITA (from DCO), similar functionality can be expected with the background images.

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