DCO 8.2.12 Network Connection Issue


DCO 8.2.12 Network Connection Issue

This question was originally posted on DCIM Support by Brian Meade on 2020-01-23

Hello, I have a customer running DCO 8.2.12. The customer cannot upgrade at this time. The customer is experiencing and issue when connecting network connections.

  1. When the customer attempts to connect from a patch panel to a switch module the rack view network connection tool will not allow him to make a connection at all. However, if the customer selects the network management tab and uses that tool the connection can be made.
  2. The customer is experiencing an issue with the network management tool not displaying racks when creating a new connection. For example, if the customer wishes to connect to rack V-55 an assortment of V-Row racks are display. However, V-55 even though its a valid rack with valid cable connection parameters is not displayed.

Are these known issues for this version, and if so would an upgrade to ITA resolve them?



Re: DCO 8.2.12 Network Connection Issue

This comment was originally posted on DCIM Support by Jef Faridi on 2020-01-31

Hi Brian,

That doesn't seem to be a known issue - to investigate the issue(s) it would be great to have the following data:

1- copy of the backup (that contains the issue)

2- screen captures illustrating the issues (and showing the device locations, so I can find in the setup).

I will send you an invite to my =S= box shortly so the data safely can be provided, thanks.

Kind regards



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