DCE 7.5 with ecostruxure asset advisor


DCE 7.5 with ecostruxure asset advisor

Hello team,


A customer of Argentina wants to know if the DCE 7.5 can connect with the Ecostruxure asset advisor (struxureOn) to sincronice the information in the cloud.


is this posible with that version, and is they upgrade to the DCE 7.8 is this possible? or what they need to do to do that?


thanks in advance.


Re: DCE 7.5 with ecostruxure asset advisor

Hi Cristian,


The release notes seem to suggest that it was introduced in version 7.4.3, I would still however recommend they try to get on to as new a version as possible to reduce any potential issues. 7.5.0 is five versions behind the current release.


To upgrade they just need to contact their local support team and provide proof of their software support contract.


On newer versions of DCE there is a menu item called EcoStruxureIT and under that there is a register option, on older versions it's called StruxureOn, I'm not sure if it's in the same place, the name change happened with the release of version 7.6.0.


DCE release notes: 




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