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Lt. Commander

Qlik Staging upgrade to November 2018 release TODAY



We will be upgrading the Staging Qlik environment to the November 2018 release this afternoon around 4pm EST. The environment will be unavailable for a short period of time, but should be back with new functionality shortly!


Check out the details of the new functionality here and here

Lt. Commander

I'm excited about the UI Elements.  We'll put them to use right away with one of our apps!

Lt. Commander

I'll also put the density layer on a map to good use from September's Release!

Lt. Commander

All - the new release is up. I have validated that I have seen the new features, but have not tested all elements. Please take a look and let me know what you think and if you have any issues. 


I will update after the Thanksgiving holidays when we will target a move of this build to Production, but please also start testing any apps that have made it to production in Staging to ensure they work correctly with this new build. 

Lt. Commander

Hey all, tested out the new Density layer of Maps.  It is pretty much as expected, with some control over how wide an area is shown.  This is showing the coverage of weather stations that we currently have, where each station has a radius of 60 MI (roughly equivalent to the RA Auto Station Picker.


Density Layer Map.pngDensity Layer Map

Lt. Commander

Hidden Gem #1

Opacity on Outlines in Point Layer maps.

I was just trying to figure out a way yesterday to minimize the outline as the map i was working on might have looked better.  I ended up going with a white, but now being able to take opacity to 0% is another approach.


Opacity on Outline Colors.pngSet opacity on border of Map points

Lt. Commander

Oh nice! I saw some mention of the border opacity but wasn't sure exactly what that was - it's the outline of the points in a point map? 

Lt. Commander

Other items i tested.


The Dashboard bundle in Custom Objects has all of the new 'Qlik Approved' extensions for: Date Range Picker, Navigation, Printing, Show/Hide Container, Tabbed Container, and Variable input.


Dashboard Bundle Documentation


The Tabbed Container easy to manage and setup.  You are currently limited to 5 tabs.

The Show/Hide setup basic, but getting the logic, you need to make sure evaluations of equations are 1/0 not true/false.

The navigation button is much of what you'd expect.


The Variable input for a drop down is a bit of a challenge at first.  There is no way to link up a field directly from what i can tell, so you need to do it indirectly by using Concat function or similar strategy.  The other alternative could be to do some of that in a variable definition in the load script.


Something like:   =Concat(distinct [RA.Station.Id], '|')  got me a drop down of all stations in RA.  (Not useful, but testing it out)


I'm starting to play with Alternate State and it seems pretty powerful and is pretty basic in how you create then apply it.  Define a state, then apply states to various objects.  I don't fully understand the intracacies, but it is certainly an interesting approach to have comparison visualizations.  Below is a simple use of alternate states on weather station selection across two states and two maps.

Alternate States.pngAlternate States where left Map is selected to Default and Right Map is selected to New State. The selections are clearable per state in the selections bar.








Lt. Commander

Quick note on Single Selections, you do this at the Field level, so you define a specific field to be single select or not.  I thought you would do this at the Filter level, but nope!   Right click on the field name under Fields and go to "Field Settings"  It is a global setting for the field.


They showed localization as one case to use it.  currency conversion and energy conversion are clearly our cases!

Lt. Commander

Yeah, I saw that set up for single select in desktop. I find this strange as you may want some instances to be single select and others not. But in many cases it should be fine