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Lt. Commander

Getting EDC output results in a timezone of your choice

In a previous post (EDC and time stamps: how it works) it was explained how EDC works with Timestamps. A corollary of that post is that EDC will produce files with timestamps only in UTC or Local Time.

The problem is when the results need to be in a timezone different from the local time. An example could be meter data gathered in UTC, extracted by one of the relay servers located in Central European Time Zone and wanting the results in Russian Standard Time Zone. A solution to this problem is to use the Power Shell Script Processor extract taskUntitled.png

The attached PowerShell script task will convert the UTC time coming from the Delimited File Load Task (so, it is required the kin property is set to UTC, see EDC and time stamps: how it works) to the time in the timezone set in the script (variable $strCurrentTimeZone)

Attached to this post is this self-documented PowerShell script. Feel free to adapt it to your specific needs. And please feel free to load to the exchange any modification you think may be useful to other users.