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Welcome to the Healthcare UK&I blog

Ensign Ensign

Welcome to the Healthcare UK&I blog



👋Thank you for visiting our blog page. 


We'd like to welcome you to our UK&I focused healthcare page. By reading our posts you will be informed of healthcare solutions covering a range of topics such as:


  • The roadmap to a net zero hospital 
  • Asset performance management
  • Digital services for healthcare
  • The digital hospital experience
  • Intelligent healthcare design 




You will gain the insights of a variety of experts who will express their knowledge and discuss their real-world experiences whilst working with the healthcare industry. Stay up-to-date on technology advancements, healthcare trends & best practices.


We would love to hear your thoughts on these topics too! So go ahead, ask questions and reply to the posts in the comments section to engage with ours experts and peers 💬


Are you interested in our global healthcare community? Visit the global 🌍 healthcare community blog page for more articles or post questions and discuss healthcare challenges with professionals from around the world in the global healthcare forum.


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Here are some blog tips… 👍


  • Please be respectful of other poster's opinions and experience. We welcome all points of view, but want to foster a welcoming environment for all to enjoy. So ask questions, get answers, or just stay up to date on the latest news from Schneider Electric.


  • Every post must have a Label. You can filter posts by Label and even subscribe to notifications under settings.  My Settings can be found in the menu accessed via the icon or avatar picture in the upper right. The available Labels - if you want to selectively subscribe to certain topics: 


  • Green NHS
  • Healthy Hospital Assets
  • Digital Hospital Experience
  • Intelligent Healthcare Design
  • Sustainable
  • Resilient
  • Agile workspaces
  • Digitising Hospitals 
  • Security
  • Digital Services
  • Remote Operations


  • You can also take advantage of Subscribing to our blog: just click on the Subscribe button on the main blog page and you will be notified of new posts. Tip:  To reduce the frequency of notifications, go to "Subscriptions & Notifications" in your personal settings, choose "Notification settings" and select "In a Daily digest" in Email notifications section.