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Innovation Talk: The Roadmap to a Net Zero Carbon Hospital

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Innovation Talk: The Roadmap to a Net Zero Carbon Hospital


Did you know, if all health systems were their own country, they’d be the fifth-largest emitter on the planet?


In October 2020, the National Health Service (NHS) announced their plans to become net zero by 2040. The report, released in conjunction with their announcement, details the steps required throughout the NHS' journey to Net Zero. Their pathway portrays the need for energy efficient buildings and on-site renewables, without this change the goal will be unachievable.


In the below video, we will discuss the available technologies that can address these sustainability challenges as well as the additional benefits they can achieve..  



By committing to net-zero and demonstrating that this can be achieved, the NHS could provide a model for other health systems across the globe to emulate.


Many thanks for your time! 


I would like to hear your thoughts, ideas and challenges with regard to achieving Net Zero.... post now!!