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How do you Optimise a Hospital's Maintenance and Operations?

Ensign Ensign

How do you Optimise a Hospital's Maintenance and Operations?

The digital transformation of the healthcare sector is a key agenda item during many strategic discussions. For the NHS Estate, so too is the growing backlog of maintenance across many trusts, and it's potential impact on patient safety due to the deterioration of critical equipment. 


So where do we begin? Watch the below video to discover the roadmap to optimising maintenance and operations, broken down into the following key points: 


1. Where to begin? - Checking the health of your critical assets and diagnosing where maintenance, replacements and upgrades are required


2. Designing new or existing installations ensuring the latest technology and best practice are implemented


3. Optimising maintenance operations with a combination of data gathering and smart analytics to enable hospitals and their assets to be truly ‘intelligent’ with condition-based monitoring capabilities 



Thank you for watching! If you have any questions or would like any further information please reach out in the comments section!