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Digital Transformation Success Stories

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Digital Transformation Success Stories

In buildings, the business value of digital transformation lies in lower energy use, greater occupant comfort, and simplified operation. In terms of energy, buildings account for 36 percent of all global final energy use and 39 percent of carbon emissions. And yet, the technology exists now for buildings to generate more energy than they use.


For example, the Edge, Deloitte’s office building in the Netherlands, generates 102 percent of its own power through a combination of energy management, automation, and IoT connectivity. It is this same IoT connectivity that enables app-based environmental control over lighting and temperature, thereby driving occupant comfort. In fact, since the building’s opening, not one occupant comfort complaint has been filed. Finally, the building’s open, interoperable management system streamlines operation and maintenance issues into a single dashboard, with real-time alarm notifications and pinpointed issue diagnosis.


Buildings cover a wide range of use cases, from commercial offices to research facilities and hospitals. Read the 2021 report Global Digital Transformation Benefits to discover the success stories of a variety of businesses and organisations from around the world and how their digital transformation is benefiting them!



Access report on above link or visit > report on above link or visit >



 Included in the report is Penn Medicine's success story. J. Larry Jameson, MD, PhD, Dean of the Perelman School of Medicine mentions:


“We’re building a hospital that will allow us to deliver
the very best care the 21st century can offer patients
— but we’re also ‘future-proofing’ it to ensure that we
can quickly and seamlessly adapt what we do to help
our patients in the coming decades.” 


Digital transformation is a big step for any organisation, but as demonstrated by many, the investment pays off and helps to future-proof our buildings and their infrastructure for years and decades to come. 


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