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Connected for Growth Forum
Private community for select Business Networks, MSP and Edge Partners which will focus on: (1) General discussions on trends, emerging technologies and new business opportunities (2) Specific introductory offers and proposals
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Current & Future IT & Business Challenges

What are the three top IT and business challenges your customers are facing?


APC has released offers in Unified Threat Management (UTM), data backup and disaster recovery, and 4G/LTE Routing .


Which categories, aside from those to do you see as integral in meeting your customer’s challenges?


What will be your organizations top 3 initiatives heading into 2019?


Who do you see as your top 5 technology vendors heading into 2019?


Will IOT be a focus of your business in 2019? If so, in what specific areas of IOT do you intend to offer solutions?


What IOT vendors have your or will you plan on evaluating?



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