"Tam32: Errors detected in file: filepath" when editing an imported Function Block program

"Tam32: Errors detected in file: filepath" when editing an imported Function Block program


Tam32 error message appears when Editing a Function Block program. When editing the program, this error appears and elements are removed from the program.

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation


  • Function Block/Menta Editor
  • Found when files created in an older version are used in a newer version of StruxureWare Building Operation.


This error message is literal. The line indicated as an error is a corrupted part of the function block program. You can determine this line by editing the file in a text editor such as Notepad++ and viewing the indicated line.

NOTE: These programs will continue to work as originally programmed.


To identify the part of the program causing the error:

  1. Edit the Program that is in error
  2. When the message appears, note the line number and file before you press ok.
  3. Do not edit or attempt to save the program.
  4. Locate the file specified in the error message. In this case tempaut1
  5. The AppData folder is usually hidden, so you will need to manually type the file path into Windows Explorer
  6. Edit the file with notepad++ or another text editor
  7. Find the indicated line and determine what type of object is in error. In this example, the line indicated in the error was 116. It is a comment.

Method 1:

  1. Compare the error line to another other line of the same type in the document and correct any abnormalities. In this case, I removed an extra comma. If it is a Comment, note that @ = carriage return and should be left in, but remove any other symbols or uncommon characters from the comment. You may just want to replace all of the comment text between the : and } with filler text.
  2. DO NOT delete the line of code.
  3. Save the edited file to the desktop, be sure not to save it as a .txt
  4. If needed, right click>edit the program from the system tree and click OK when the error appears.
  5. Select File>Import
  6. Import the edited file saved on the desktop.
  7. Check to see if the changes you made have corrected the application and Save.

Method 2: May be used if the build the file was created in is significantly different than the current build.

  1. Edit the program
  2. Copy the indicated tempaut file to the desktop
  3. Install the version of SmartStruxure which the function block was created on or locate a PC at an older revision
  4. Import the files to an AS or ES at the original build
  5. Edit the program
  6. Remove the objects in error.
  7. Export the edited files and re-import in the current build
  8. Add back any removed elements that are required for the program to function.
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