"A license violation has been detected" with an evaluation license

"A license violation has been detected" with an evaluation license


A warning banner is displayed at the top of the Workstation window that states "A license violation has been detected." even though a valid evaluation license has been activated on the machine or site.

The user will also find another warning message on the LicenseManager screen, under the System folder, that provides greater detail. This message will state specifically what is missing, for example "An additional X automation server license(s) are required. Please purchase the required licenses."


Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation


  • EBO Enterprise Server 2.X and newer
  • EBO Workstation 2.x and newer


The new scalable licensing structure established in version 2.0 requires licenses for each automation server device (and field devices if the system is a new database). The evaluation (demo) license will account for the required licenses as long as it is valid but sometimes can be stuck in a state where it has not been validated. 


In the majority of situations, simply rebooting or performing a warm start of the Enterprise Server will clear this warning as long as there is a valid evaluation (temporary) license hosted in the license administrator the ES is referencing.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Restart the Enterprise Server.
  2. Restart the License Server (if on a different machine as the ES). If required, restart the ES again.
  3. Check for any errors in the License Server and verify that the Vendor Daemon is up and running. See Unable to log into WorkStation due to license error codes -12, -15, -18 or -97 for more details around this troubleshooting step.
  4. If these steps have not resolved the issue, then open a support case with your local country support organization. 

For more information about the enforcement of licenses see the EcoStruxure Building Management WebHelp article, Licensing Enforcement

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