b3 to b3 and i2 Infinet Binding Operation

b3 to b3 and i2 Infinet Binding Operation


What binding methods can be used and how is the data transferred when binding objects between two b3  or Infinet controllers?

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation


  • Automation Server, AS, ASP, ASB
  • BACnet b3
  • Infinet controllers i2


When binding objects between b3(infinet) devices/controllers, the type of Objects being bound will effect the properties of the binding.


When binding between two Controllers, several methods can be used:

  • Value/Point to Value/Point - The data goes via the Automation Server and the speed/rate is set in the Transfer Window, thus more bandwidth used and communication is lost if the Automation Server fails.
  • Script to Value/Point - The data goes direct using BACnet COV subscriptions, thus less bandwidth is used.

NOTE - The BACnet b3 and Infinet controllers, have no facility for direct binding of Value/Point to Value/Point, thus if a direct binding is made within the same controller, an EBO binding will be created. This will cause data packets on the MSTP or Infinet network. This should never be done, as it can easily overwhelm the network. Bindings should always be made from scripts.

See Infinet under the hood for more details on Infinet setup

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