Xenta 913 supported BACnet object types

Xenta 913 supported BACnet object types


The Xenta 913 supports several different BACnet object types but does not support all object types.

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The Xenta 913 is only a gateway device and is not native BACnet and thus does not support all BACnet object types.


The BACnet specification outlines 49 different object types. Objects include physical points, processes and even internal operations. Most BACnet devices, including BACnet certified devices, do not support all of the object types since some of the object types are particular to specific industries and several are not commonly used.

The Xenta 913 controller supports the following object types:

Analog Input
Analog Output
Analog Value
Binary Input
Binary Output
Binary Value
Multi-state Input
Multi-state Output
Multi-state Value

The following BACnet object types are unsupported by the Xenta 913:

Access Credential Access Door Access Point Access Rights
Access User Access Zone Accumulator Averaging
Bit String Value Calendar Character String Value Command
Credential Data Input Date Pattern Value Date Value Date Time Pattern Value
Date Time Value Device Event Enrollment Event Log
File Global Group Group Integer Value
Large Analog Value Life Safety Point Life Safety Zone Load Control
Loop Network Security Notification Class Octet String Value
Positive Integer Value Program Pulse Converter Schedule
Structured-View Time Pattern Value Time Value Trend Log
Trend Log Multiple      



Note that there is some confusion among object types. For example, while it is possible to have a Life Safety point that is a binary output, this is not the same thing as the standard Binary Output object type and the two points are not interoperable.

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