Why is the Endura video option grayed out?

Why is the Endura video option grayed out?


When setting up a Video Server the option for Pelco Type 2 (Endura) can not be selected.


Continuum V1.91 and above.

See the Video Compatibility matrix for supported Pelco Endura products on the various Continuum versions, link:

Video Matrix link


Continuum requires the security key to be enabled for Endura video to allow this option to be available.


The Endura option cannot be purchased from the Factory.  In order to obtain the Endura option you must contact our Upgrades department. The upgrade part number is: UPG-ADD-ENDURA

You can reach Upgrades by email at upgrades.continuum@schneider-electric.com

Note: for testing purposes a Single User may be run in Demo mode for a few hours which will allow the Endura option to be selected.

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