What is the IP Network bandwidth requirement for a Continuum controller?

What is the IP Network bandwidth requirement for a Continuum controller?


What is the bCX and NCII required bandwidth?

10Mb, 100Mb Network Connections, GSM Modems.


Continuum Ethernet level controllers: ACX57xx, Netcontroller II and bCX1


IT Departments often ask for the required IP Network bandwidth for the CX and bCX controllers; as it is not listed on the datasheets.

Is there a bandwidth calculator available?


The Network usage of a bCX/ CX/ ACX controller will vary constantly depending on what is happening on the system at the time. It will be affected by user commends, Graphics, Plain English programming, Access events, reloading or re-flashing controllers and time triggered events.

The 2nd generation controllers network connection supports a 10Mb half duplex or 100Mb full duplex auto sensing permanent connection.

Note: Older 1st generation controllers (CX9200, CX9400, CX9900 series) only support 10Mb half duplex.

So a corresponding up to 10Mb or 100Mb connection would be ideal.

GSM Modem or other packet based communication networks are unlikely to be able to provide the continuous data throughput required by Continuum.

In terms of bandwidth an absolute minimum of 1Mb in both directions is recommended but this will depend on the specific site requirements you have, for example if there is a requirement to update graphic or alarm values within a specific time then a 10Mb connection would be more appropriate.

The following Bandwidth Calculator can be used to determine the % network usage on a 10Mb network connection. This was created specifically for typical Access Control projects, so for HVAC applications the following should also be considered: data logging, PE programs passing data, IP based X Drivers.

Fill in the appropriate values in Column D for the system:

Bandwidth Calculator.

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