Video Monitor supported features and how to configure it on a Continuum Workstation

Video Monitor supported features and how to configure it on a Continuum Workstation


Information on the features that Video Monitor supports and details on how to configure it on a Continuum Workstation.

Product Line

Andover Continuum


Continuum v1.90 and above.


There does not seem to be a specific manual for Video Monitor.


What Is Video Monitor?

Video Monitor is CyberStation's powerful video-surveillance tool.

Video Monitor, available in CyberStation Version 1.9 and higher, allows you to view live and recorded video images from cameras assigned to doors or points that trigger alarm events. It allows you to monitor doors, immediately capture video images from doors, unlock a door, monitor door status, monitor a person's access to doors, and get alarm information as soon as it happens.

You customize the way Video Monitor operates using its powerful configuration tool, Video Administrator. Using Video Administrator, you can attach up to 16 cameras to a door or point. Video Monitor is launched when an event associated with the door or point triggers an alarm.

Another video surveillance monitoring tool, VideoLayout, is also available for video matrix-frame viewing. The system may be configured to use either Video Monitor or Video Layouts as your primary video interface to alarms.

Also see reference to supported features in the Feature Blast for v1.90 when Video Monitor was first added to Continuum.


There is a large amount of information in the Continuum on-line help files that discuss how to configure Video Monitor in detail. See the Continuum online help contents and search for "Video Monitor."


Note: The Video Monitor option must be enabled on the Continuum Security Key to able to set this up and use it. This comes standard in v1.90 and above and can be enabled on your Key if it is not already.

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