Very high bandwidth utilization on a LON network

Very high bandwidth utilization on a LON network


The LON network is experiencing high bandwidth utilization identified by problems with commissioning devices and intermittent communication loss.

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation


  • Building Operation
  • LON devices


There can be many causes for high bandwidth utilization, including configuring change of value trend logs directly to points on the LON devices without using the local node. This causes Building Operation to poll the values constantly to see if there has been a change which in turns impacts the communication.

Another cause can be graphics pages with a very large number of points. Even pages with many hidden layers will poll every point including the hidden layer points.

It is important to bind any values coming into the Automation Server through the Local Node.

Another cause can be the lack of proper LON interface configurations such as Bandwidth Throttling.


The best option is to modify the Change of value logs to the type Interval logs. If it is a graphic causing the issue, then reduce the points on the graphics page. If these options are not suitable then using the local node option described below will help in reducing the bandwidth.

Utilize the Local Node

  1. Create a Local Node underneath the LonWorks Network in the Enterprise or Automation Server.
  2. Create a SNVT underneath the Local Node that matches the one you want to log or bind.
  3. Make a SNVT binding from the Device to the SNVT created under the Local Node that triggers on change.

For more information on Lon interface configuration settings, see LonWorks Interface Properties – Advanced Tab.

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