Value Transfer Settings with Infinet Controllers

Value Transfer Settings with Infinet Controllers


Can Value Transfer Settings be used to control the frequency at which a value is transferred over the Infinet bus?

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Continuum i2 Controller


There is a need to control the frequency at which a value is transferred from one Infinet controller to another.


Whether or not the Value Transfer Settings determine the value transfer rate depends on the type of reference used.

When the Continuum to EBO transition process was developed, features and functionality were added to the Automation Server so that it would accommodate an existing controller protocol. Neither the Infinet controllers nor the Infinet protocol was substantially redesigned in order to work with Automation Servers.

Infinet controllers have never had a Value Transfer Setting capability and it was not added when the Continuum Transition process was developed.
The primary method of value transfer in Infinet controllers is the Import/Export tables. In order to enter a point into the Import Export table of a controller, the point has to be bound to an Infinet Script program or to an Infinity Alarm notification. You can find more information on the I/E functionality in the following Knowledge base article. Details on Continuum Import/Export (IE) System

The Import/Export system is a highly efficient means of value transfer that is base value change. If you chose to bypass the Import/Export capability, the only method available to you to control the frequency at which values are transferred over the Infinet bus is to read these values via a program that incorporates some form of throttling to slow down the polling rate.

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