Use a TAC Xenta OP with a Xenta 100-series controller

Use a TAC Xenta OP with a Xenta 100-series controller


  • How can the TAC Xenta OP be used with a TAC Xenta 100-series controller?
  • How can the TAC Xenta OP know which TAC Xenta 100 controller it is communicating with?
  • Which OP mode should be used?

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • Xenta OP
  • Xenta 101
  • Xenta 102
  • Xenta 121
  • Xenta 122


The TAC Xenta OP panel can be used to connect to a TAC Xenta 100-series controller to access input and output signals. Identifying the TAC Xenta 100 controller to configure is accomplished with a Service Pin message.
If connecting directly to a TAC Xenta 100-series controller, or to a STR100-series device connected to the TAC Xenta 100-series controller, the controller sends out a Service Pin messages automatically, If this is not the case, or you connect on another location on the network, you could manually press Service Pin on the TAC Xenta 100-controller you want to connect to.

For troubleshooting connectivity to a Xenta programmable controller, see "No Answer" on an OP when connecting to a Xenta 280/300/400.


Configure the TAC Xenta OP

  1. Plug in the TAC Xenta OP
  2. Hold the Back and Enter button for 3 seconds to access the OP Service menu.
  3. Scroll down to option 10 for OP Mode.
  4. Change "Xenta 100" to ON with the + key.
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Change "Mode" to TAC with the + key.
  7. Press Enter twice to restart OP

Connect TAC Xenta OP to a TAC Xenta 100-series device

  1. Plug TAC Xenta OP into OP jack on the TAC Xenta 100 controller, or to a STR100 device connected to the TAC Xenta 100.
  2. At prompt "Press <ENTER> to access Xenta 100", press Enter.
  3. At "Connecting to Xenta 100 ...", wait, or press the Service Pin of the Xenta 100-series  controller.
  4. Press Down.

View Network Variables

  1. Select the network variable index number in the NV Index? prompt with the - and + buttons.
  2. Press Enter to view the signal.
  3. If the value is an input you can use + or - to provide a new value and press enter to accept it.
    1. If the signal is an application options set of bits then press enter to navigate between the bit number, + to change the value, and enter to accept the value.
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