Update firmware warning in Menta when adding an I/O module to a Xenta 300/401

Update firmware warning in Menta when adding an I/O module to a Xenta 300/401


When trying to add a Xenta 421A, 422A, 451A or 452A I/O module in Menta to a Xenta 300/401, the following warning is displayed.

Warning, IO modules of type TAC Xenta 421A, 422A, 451A
and 452A requires at least system program version 3.6.


  • Menta
  • Vista
  • Xenta 301, 302, 401


To utilize the full functionality of the "A" series I/O modules, the version of Menta and firmware in the associated programmable controller must be compatible.


Use the Xenta 4XXA modules as old 4XX modules
The I/O modules with an "A" in the name can be used with programmable controllers earlier than 3.61 as well as Menta earlier than 4.2.2 but the functionality will be limited. The functionality is limited to that of the modules' predecessors, modules without the letter "A" in the name (Xenta 421, 422, 451, 452). The TAC Xenta 421A/422A modules can only have digital inputs and the TAC Xenta 451A/452A modules can only have four 1.8k ohm thermistor and four limited universal inputs (digital input, 1.8k ohm thermistor or 0-10 V). In any running system with TAC Xenta 300/401 version 3.X, TAC Xenta 421, 422, 451, and 452 can be replaced with an "A" module the same way as an old module. The "A" module will detect that it is sitting in an old environment and behave as an old module.

Use the full functionality of the Xenta 4XXA modules
In order to gain full functionality of the "A" modules, the firmware in the Xenta 300/401 controller must be upgraded to a version 3.61 or higher and Menta must be version 4.2.2 or higher. Instructions on how to download a .MOT file can be found in Download an .MOT file into a Xenta Programmable controller. The additional features of these controllers include all inputs are universal inputs (0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 1.8k ohm and 10k ohm thermistor), universal inputs set as digital inputs can act as a pulse counter, and all configurations, inputs, and outputs can be accessed by means of the SNVT interface.

Note: If updating the firmware in a Xenta 300/401 and the following conditions apply than see the Xenta Programmables section of The new program interface does not match the previously defined program interface. (Subsystem: NS, #....

  • Working on a database with multiple Xenta programmable controllers that reference the same device template
  • A firmware version earlier than 3.52 is installed
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