Unit conversions when integrating LON to I/NET

Unit conversions when integrating LON to I/NET


If you are integrating LON to I/NET with a Xenta 527 or Xenta 913, you may run into a unit conversion problem in the integration process.

Product Line



I2V I/NET LON Integration

Xenta 527, Xenta 913 System Program Version 5.0.0 or higher

XBuilder 5.0.0 or higher


When integrating LON to I/NET, all data will make its way to I/NET in SI units.


  1. View the units of the points on the LON side of the connection object in XBuilder.
  2. On temperature, for example, XBuilder uses the unit "F" to show Fahrenheit on a temperature signal. However this temperature value will show up in I/NET in Centigrade. 
  3. Engineering units on the AO point in the I/NET controller will have to be "F" to mirror the unit on the LON signal in XBuilder. These two units have to match exactly, and they are case sensitive.
  4. When the engineering units match on both points, I/NET will convert to the correct value. If the value on the I/NET side is left blank, it will just pass on the Celsius value.
  5. There are limitations to this conversion since I/NET has a four-character limit and some units in XBuilder will exceed this. Pressure, for example, will have to be sent in Pascals or PSI. 
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