Unexplained network and communication errors

Unexplained network and communication errors


Unexplained network and communication errors

IT department may have set up IP blocking or set up IP switches incorrectly or there may be an issue with the Continuum setup

Product Line

Andover Continuum


IP network


Problems in the IP network, port blocking or incorrectly setup in IP switches

IT departments may say their system is set up correctly, but this may need to be tested.


See Router required open port numbers to run a Continuum system for IP port requirements

See Continuum Controllers and IP Managed switches for other IP switch settings

  1. Get all the problematic equipment connect to a simple non managed IP switch (this will probably involve temporarily moving PCs and/or controllers)
  2. Disconnect from the site IP switches if possible (this may not be possible, depending on the site setup, eg. SQL server may be in a server room)
  3. PC and Controller settings (IP address, subnet mask, default router) may also need to be temporarily modified depending on the original site set up.
  4. Test the system with this temporary setup, if all is ok then the problem lies with the site IP network, if the problem persist then  look at the Continuum setup (Cyberstation install, database, operating systems, hardware issues)
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