Unable to log in to Security Expert Web Client

Unable to log in to Security Expert Web Client


  • Using valid credentials at the Web Client log in screen results in a log in attempt that fails without an error being shown then being dumped back to the log in screen.
  • "Operator Logon Failed. Too many connections" error messages are seen when reviewing the Security Expert event logs.
    • These login failure events are shown in the Applications and Services Logs > Schneider Electric Security Expert event log by looking at the Security Expert Soap Service events.SOAPService Log in FailureSOAPService Log in Failure
    • The specific operators that are consuming the licenses can be seen by reviewing the Windows Logs > Windows Application event log​ for Security Expert Data Service events showing New Operator Logins.Operator Log inOperator Log in
    • The Remove Operator by Disconnect events will show when the operators were logged off.Operator Log offOperator Log off

Product Line

Security Expert


  • Security Expert Server
  • Security Expert Web Client
  • Security Expert SOAP Service


There are no available client connections.

When the SOAP service attempts to connect to Security Expert it performs an Operator login to the Data Service, pulls/pushes the information it needs, and then closes the connection. This means that if you are using all your concurrent operator logins at any given time with Thick Client connections, SOAP will not be allowed to log in, and any services requiring the SOAP connection will also not work.

SOAP will only use one concurrent connection even if it has multiple services connected to it, so you would not need multiple connection licenses if you had Web Client, Data Sync, and EWS, for example.


If all the connections are being consumed with Thick Client logins, then reduce the number of people that are logged in at any given time or purchase an additional concurrent client license so there is one free for SOAP to use.

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