Troubleshoot 0x8000001e and 0x00001408 errors seen in BACnet controller error logs.

Troubleshoot 0x8000001e and 0x00001408 errors seen in BACnet controller error logs.


There are communications issues with this controller and a large amount of the below error messages are seen in the controllers error log.

0x8000001e 0x00236400 0x08023a50 0x4c000000 0x00000000
BACnet request timeout
0x00001408 0x0023a600 0x080af632 0x000000bc 0x00000284
Not enough memory


Continuum BACnet Controllers


Most likely due to configuration or way too much traffic... or both.


Check the following:


  1. What is the version of Firmware being used in each controller? This needs to be compared to the Compatibility Matrix to ensure that it is compliant with the version of Continuum being used.
  2. Do you have any BBMD's configured on this site? If so, where are they located and how are they configured? Confirm that they are configured properly.
  3. Confirm the maxinfoframes value currently set for all controllers. By default bCX should be 8 and b3's should be 2. If these are different to the default then we need to know why this has been changed.
  4. Confirm the BacnetMaxMaster value in each bCX to ensure that it is set to the maximum b3 nodeID + 1. This defaults to 127 but can cause comms delays on a smaller network. Go here for details.
  5. Confirm that all controllers on the MSTP are configured for the same baud rate. Any talking at a different baud rate would seem like noise on the network and disrupt communications resulting in many 1408 error messages showing in the other controller error logs. In one specific example, a third party Boiler was losing power and coming back up with a different baud rate and disrupting communications for the entire MSTP subnet until the issue was resolved.
  6. Check the COV increment on points. The default of 0 can cause too much traffic on the bus if a lot of points are set to 0.
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