Trend log capacity in a Vista Server

Trend log capacity in a Vista Server


How many Vista logs can Vista 5.1.9 handle?

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Vista Server 5.1.9


There are no official limitations or documents on how many trend logs you can add to a Vista server. The following items listed in the resolution will assist in determining the performance of the Vista Server


The following items listed are the restrictions that limit the performance of the Vista Server:

  1. The DSS writer can handle around 40 logs per second.
  2. Vista server trends are often limited by how many values per second the Lon network interface can handle. (Typically 40 for a Loytec port and 10-15 for 911 or LNS port in Vista).
  3. Size of the SQL database, 100GB for Vista trend logs is a very large SQL database. Vista can handle this provided the computer hardware is of a high-performance nature, and the SQL database and computer hard disk must have regular maintenance performed.
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