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Three common "Failed to send email" Continuum-related error messages in the Windows Event Viewer


The following errors are in the Windows Application Event Viewer:

  • Email, Failed to send email - MAPILogonEx failed in InitSession function!, Result is 80040111
  • Email, Failed to send email - Email (MAPI) initialization failed in InitSession function!, Result is 80040111
  • Email, Failed to send email - InitSession failed in CACEmail::Init, Result is 80040111

Product Line

Andover Continuum


CyberStation 1.9x


If the errors are only logged on startup of CyberStation then they are not likely an issue. However, if these are being logged more than just on startup they may indicate other issues, such as RPC errors.


If you are not emailing alarms these errors may be able to be stopped.

  1. Run a listview [1] of all EventNotifications and display the AlarmOptions attribute.
  2. Check if the word email shows up.
  3. Edit the EventNotifications where it does show up and remove all emailing from the Actions tab.

CyberStation creates some of these EventNotifications in the templates folder and they are setup for emailing by default.

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