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The new program interface does not match the previously defined program interface. (Subsystem: NS, #59) when commissioning a Xenta 400/300 controller.


'Program interface does not match previously defined interface' when downloading/commissioning a Xenta 400/300 controller. NS, #59


  • Vista System Plugin
  • TAC Xenta Programmable Controllers
  • LonMaker/NL220


You get this error if you have 2 controllers that are using the same device template (XIF file) and one is system program version <3.5 and one is >3.5.

Typically you will get this when you are replacing an older controller or adding a new controller to an older network.

Controllers can share device template even if they have different applications as long as the are using the same SNVTs. Different types of Xenta controllers can also share the same XIF file.


To fix the problem you have to make sure that the new controller you are adding (replacing) gets a new XIF file and it’s own template.

  1. Open the application form System plug-in by right clicking on controller and select configure-edit.
  2. To give the application a new XIF either add a “dummy” SNVT or go to device configuration and uncheck the tick box for “XIF header generated according to LonMark standard”
  3. Hit F12, select commands and generate. F12 again and save the application to the hard drive by selecting File-save as.
  4. In system plug-in, browse in the application that you just saved on the hard drive. Update TAC Network and TAC Database. If you are asked to resynchronize, do so.
  5. In Menta create a new application with just one PVR block in it. Go to the controller, connect a serial cable and download the small application that you just created.
  6. Go back to the system plug-in and download the controller.
  7. Commission in LonMaker.
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