TAC 5 Vista License Types

TAC 5 Vista License Types


Knowing the types of licenses, differences between each one, and the revisions supported by the license.

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TAC Vista


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There are three different types of licensing for a Vista system.


There are three types of TAC Vista software licenses.

  1. TAC Vista Demo License
    This type of license is for temporary use. It expires every thirty days. It is the full version license excluding OPC server licenses. The demo license is available on Schneider Electric buildings business extranet. (Products >TAC Vista > Vista Software > Evaluation License File).

    No activation required, ready to use after downloading. (Store the license file into C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\License Files, by default.)

    Monthly demo licenses only work locally for the PC where they are installed.  You cannot use a License Server to serve up remote Workstation licenses to a remote PC, for example. For remote Workstation usage, please use the TS version of demo license instead.

    Demo licenses contain unlimited TAC Vista Webstation seats which allow multiple people log into Webstation simultaneously on the server PC and other computers.
  2. TAC Vista Engineering Dongle
    This type of license is for Schneider Electric engineers or partners use. It comes with the full version license besides the OPC server licenses.  Please read Part number for Vista 5 engineering dongle for more purchasing information.

    No activation required, ready to use after receiving. Simply put the engineering dongle into one of the USB ports. You may be asked to install some software upon first time use.

    Note:  Insert the engineering dongle prior to starting the TAC Vista server.

    Engineering dongles only work locally for the PC where they are plugged in.  You cannot use a License Server to serve up remote Workstation licenses to a remote PC, for example.

    Engineering dongles contain only one (1) TAC Vista Webstation seat. In addition, user can log into Webstation only on the sever PC.
  3. TAC Vista Customer License
    This type of license is for end user use. Depending on the customer needs, different features of Vista software can be purchased standalone or in packages. For more information about each software feature or packages, please read the Vista 5 Software license packages and Vista 5 product catalog.

    Customer licenses are restricted to the minor revision of the Vista software or lower. A Vista 5.0 license will not function on a Vista 5.1 installation. However a Vista 5.1 license will work for all 5.1.x installations as well as all 5.0.x installations.

    Maintenance agreements ( XXXX 1 year licenses) are available for most TAC Vista 5.1 software modules. An active maintenance agreement ensures that the license has access to any new, minor and major, versions. Maintenance agreements are automatically renewed at the end of each 12 month period. The termination notice is three months. Minimum agreement time is three years.

    Activation of the license is required. You can generate the license on the https://schneider-electric.flexnetoperations.com website with the entitlement ID received via email after purchasing. The license needs to be locked to:
    1. Computer MAC address
      If you lock the license to a computer's MAC address, the license needs to be stored on this particular computer (C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\License Files, by default), and it can only be used on this computer.
    2. An onsite dongle (end-user dongle)
      The dongle needs to be purchased separately (name: Vista 5 Hardware Dongle, part number: 000857510 on the iPortal).  If you lock the license to the onsite dongle, you can use TAC Vista software on any computer as long as this dongle is plugged in.

      You can re-host the license to another MAC address or onsite dongle up to 4 times a year.

For additional customer licensing information please read TAC Licenses Installation Manual and TAC Vista 5.0 to 5.1.7 license does not work after installation for how to use LMTOOLS to manually read site license.

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