Suprema Fingerprint Reader Integration

Suprema Fingerprint Reader Integration


Suprema Fingerprint Reader Integration

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Security Expert


  • Security Expert
  • Suprema Fingerprint Reader


Security Expert integrates with Suprema BioEntry, BioEntry Plus, and FaceStation devices. Enrolment is both quick and easy. Users scan their fingerprint or face at an enrolment reader. The reader uses the scanned data to create a credential template, including a card number, which it sends to the Security Expert Server. Security Expert then sends this template to any other Suprema readers that are attached to the system, so the user only needs to enroll once.


The following information is available on integrating Suprema Fingerprint Readers with Security Expert

  1. A list of qualified Suprema devices and configuration details can be found in the Suprema Biometric Integration in Security Expert Application Note.
  2. There are some available help topics in the online help. In the Security Expert  Client go to ABOUT | HELP and search for "Biometric Readers" and "Suprema".
  3. Each Suprema reader requires a wiegand port on a controller / expander, a license (SX-BIO-SP) and an IP address. The amount of Suprema readers allowed is only limited by these numbers. 
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