StruxureWare Building Operation object names limitation

StruxureWare Building Operation object names limitation


StruxureWare Building Operation Automation Server, Enterprise Server and BACnet object names limitation

Dragging converted I/NET TGML graphics into Workstation causes Workstation to crash with following message:

Exception message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at SE.WorkStation.Base.Windows.Views.TgmlFileDropHandler.Drop(FileInfo, Path, IOperationContext, IProgressInfo)
at SE.WorkStation.Base.Windows.Views.FileDropCoordinator.ExecuteDrop(Path, IList`1, IProgressInfo)
at SE.WorkStation.Base.Windows.Views.<>c__DisplayClassd.b__9(IProgressInfo)
at SE.WorkStation.Framework.Services.<>c__DisplayClass1.b__0(IProgressInfo)
at SE.WorkStation.Framework.ProgressIndication.ProgressActionOperation`2.Run(IProgressOperationInternal, IProgressResult, IProgressOperationInfo)
at SE.WorkStation.Framework.Services.ProgressItem`1.b__1a(Task)
at System.Threading.Tasks.<>c__DisplayClasse`1.b__d()
at System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1.InvokeFuture(Object)
at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.InnerInvoke()
at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute() 


StruxureWare WorkStation


The number of characters and the use of special characters in a StruxureWare object name and StruxureWare BACnet objects names


Object Names

All objects in the Building Operation database has to have a name. Building Operation is case-sensitive and differentiates between upper and lowercase characters. Two objects cannot be named in the same way in the same folder even if the objects are of different types. For example, you cannot create an alarm named Building A and a graphic named Building A in the same folder. However, if you name the graphic Building a, with a lowercase a, you can create it in the same folder as the alarm object Building A.

The following characters are not allowed in object names in Building Operation.






White space is not allowed in the beginning or the end of an objects name.

. (period) is not allowed in the beginning of an objects name.

There is no limitation of how many characters an object name can have. 

The above statements also apply to StruxureWare BACnet objects unless is it a Continuum b3 object. 

If you are creating a Continuum b3 object etc., the b3 object display name is limited to 16 characters consisting solely of letters, digits, and underscores (as per Continuum limitation).
Basically, any objects you create for Continuum, for example, a 'BACnet Analog Input (Continuum)' will be subjected to the Continuum limitation.

If you add a standard 'BACnet Analog Input' into an Automation Server or an Enterprise Server, then it is not limited by the Continuum limitation of 16 characters.

The most common issue when bringing I/NET TGML converted graphics into Workstation is not checking for spaces at either the beginning or end of the converted file name.  Make sure there are no spaces (white space) before or after any characters of the file name before copying into Workstation.

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