Steps to properly remove a door from I/NET Seven

Steps to properly remove a door from I/NET Seven


Several doors need to be removed in an existing I/NET Seven System. What is the proper way to do this?

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Steps to remove Doors in an existing I/NET Seven System


It should be sufficient to just deselect the door from the tenant and then NETCON on one equalized client, the file master, or Standalone PC.

If the door physically goes away, the next time an operator enters an individual or group that had that door it will display a * for the offline/deleted door. At that time just select "Unselected" option and that door will be removed from that list.

If all trace of the door needs to be removed:

  1. Remove all access privileges from a door. Be sure to check System View to verify they are all removed.
  2. Remove the door from all tenants
  3. Connect to the Controller and select Edit>Controller>Doors
  4. Delete the Door
  5. Close of the Door editors and select Edit>Host Computer>Network Configuration
  6. Penetrate to the Door level and delete the door objects.
  7. Next, In the Resident I/O editor delete any points associated.
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