Some helpful basic IP commands.

Some helpful basic IP commands.


Some helpful basic IP commands.

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Computer with IP NIC or Network


Need for basic IP configuration or IP address


Go to start, click run and type in "cmd". This takes you to the command prompt.

Type in:

  • "ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" to see if your device is online and its response time. Make sure you put the space between "ping" and "xxx".
  • "ipconfig" and hit enter to get the info of the computer you are currently using. You'll get the IP address, subnet mask and the gateway.
  • "ipconfig/all" and hit enter to get more info on the machine your using. It will give you all the above and then some including the DNS server addresses.
  • "tracert xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" and hit enter and you can see the servers that you are going through to get to your destination. This can be used when connecting to a Loytec or a iLon and the IP address is being presented to the L-IP or iLon is unknown. Connecting through a firewall/gateway/NAT server, you are not presenting the PC's address - when you do the tracert you will go through your gateway and the next address will be the IP you are presenting- Use this in the iLon as the LNS server address.
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