SmartXKiosk PIN Reset

SmartXKiosk PIN Reset


The 6 character PIN for the SmartXKiosk has been forgotten so the user cannot exit Kiosk mode.

Note: The PIN is case sensitive.


  • SmartStruxure
  • SmartX Controller
  • SmartXKiosk


The 6 character PIN for the SmartXKiosk has been forgotten or lost and the user cannot locate it.


In order to reset your SmartXKiosk PIN, follow the steps below. 

  1. In the SmartXKiosk application, click on Exit Kiosk Mode in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. In the Exit Kiosk Mode window, click on Forgot PIN?. An 8 character Session ID will be generated, take note of the Session ID. 
  3. Open a ticket with Product Support to request a SmartXKiosk PIN reset and provide them with the Session ID.
  4. Once Product Support sends you back the Recovery PIN, click Continue on the Session ID window. In the next window you will fill in the Session ID from step 2 and the Recovery PIN that Product Support sent you. Click Continue.
  5. You can now reset your PIN. Enter your new 6-digit PIN number and confirm it before clicking Submit. The PIN is case sensitive. It must be exactly 6 characters, otherwise an error will occur. 

Note: The Session ID generated and the Recovery PIN provided to you by Product Support is only valid for 24 hours

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