Smart Reader Output Options

Smart Reader Output Options


Some security application require individual control of reader LEDs and Beeper.

Product Line

Security Expert


  • Security Expert Controller SP-C
  • Security Expert Controller SP-AC1
  • Security Expert Controller SP-ACX
  • Security Expert Door Expansion RDM2, mRDM2


Need to control reader LEDs and Beeper


The purpose of the "Enable Enhanced Smart Reader Outputs" option is to allow individual control of the LEDs and Beepers on the RS485 Smart Readers, and to allow independent control of the L1, L2 and BZ Outputs on the Controller or Reader Expanders on the RS485.

Navigate to Expanders > Reader Expanders and select the port you wish to enable the smart reader outputs for. The last option named 'Enable Enhanced Smart Reader Outputs' will need to be selected.

With the option enabled, you can independently control L1, L2, and BZ for both Port 1 and 2 while controlling the LEDs/Buzzer when connected using the RS485 wiring (NA, NB)

The following table shows which Output Address corresponds to which physical Output:


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