Smart Controller MPX IP address settings and BACnet hosting

Smart Controller MPX IP address settings and BACnet hosting


Cannot change the IP address or host a Smart Controller MPX in a second EBO Server

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EcoStruxure Building Operation


EcoStruxure Building Operation

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1. IP settings are saved (eg in eCommission Tool), but the IP address of the Controller does not change.

2. The Controller is already hosted by an EBO server and cannot be hosted by a second EBO server, thus data objects cannot be read.

3. Rehosting an MP device to a different EBO server


1. Changing the IP address "settings" can be done with eCommission Tool, but if the MPX is already fully hosted by an EBO Server then a warm start from the eCommission Tool is inhibited.

eCT change IP.jpg


Without the hosting Server initiated warm start the new IP setting will not be used.

 (From an EBO Server you can also right click, choose IP Commands and "Activate Changes"

/Server1/BACnet Interface/IP Network/MP_212121/System/IP Network Settings)


IP Commands Activate Changes.jpg



If the MPX is not hosted then the IP address can be changed from the eCommission Tool, using the warm start option.


A local warm start initiated at the MPX (manually with the reset button) will not force the MPX to use these new settings.

See MP Series Controller Commissioning Scenarios


2. When an MPX is fully hosed by an EBO Server, it can be BACnet hosted by a second EBO Server, but this will only contain the standard BACnet Applications folder. This hosted BACnet Device needs to be manually created using the MPX instance Id. 

Below you can see the fully hosted MPX and the BACnet only hosting under ASP_22Fully Hosted and host.jpg


3. When an MPX is configured or programmed via the hosting EBO Serving using WorkStation, some of the objects (eg. Scripts or Function Block) data is not fully contained within the MPX. Thus if the hosting EBO server is changed, some of the configuration data will be lost and a simple upload to the new hosting EBO Server will not upload all the data required to recreated these objects.
In such a case, an export from the original hosting EBO Server should be imported into the new hosting EBO Server to ensure no data is lost.

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