Sigma Transition Issues

Sigma Transition Issues


Sigma Transition issues upon Data Import the Sigma Server fails

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EcoStruxure Building Operation, Satchwell Sigma


  • Sigma
  • Building Operation Enterprise Server


Sigma server fails when an EBO data import is initiated.


It is important that the Sigma Database is checked with the Doctor utility (found in SigmaX) before a Sigma transition into EBO is undertaken.

  1. Longtext - Longtext file contains 'mandarin' type characters - probably from previous BAS/Sigma upgrades. If the file contains these, then Longtext has probably not been used in the past or currently. Delete File, it will self re-create.
  2. Shorttext - Shorttext contains an incorrectly formatted entry. Find entry and correct. To find, delete 1 -250, if it continues to fails, the entry in question will be in the range 251 to 500 and keep halving until the entry is found.
  3. Index A errors - index contains a looping segment, where the page references itself. Correct index as necessary.
  4. Index A errors - page is referenced more than once, i.e. the index page can be opened via two (or more) routes. Correct Index as necessary.
    Note: the Index should be checked with SigmaX before a transition.
  5. Object corruption - open object in Sigma, if it fails to open, then correct by whatever means that is required. Note, Sigma server will fail at a point during the Data Import.
  6. Log Sets - Fail to import log sets. To find, in Sigma, locate the logset.rec in the c:\sigma\data\server...folder file, take a copy.
    In Sigma, delete 50% of the log sets and try the import again. If it fails, delete another 50% and repeat. Or if it succeeds, then the issue may lie in the 50% of log sets originally deleted, re-instate these using the copied logset.rec file and try again by deleting the other 50% and so forth.
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