Sigma Lon card is applicationless and cannot be reset by IC3 LON controller

Sigma Lon card is applicationless and cannot be reset by IC3 LON controller


Cannot commission an IC3 LON controller in LonMaker. It has become applicationless and the red service LED is flashing or is permanently lit. 

Product Line

Satchwell Sigma


  • Satchwell Sigma Controller
  • IC3 IC LON FTT-10
  • NodeUtil


The Echelon chip has become 'locked' and requires resetting.  This can be caused by corrupted controller files, very high LON traffic (> 50% Bandwidth), or the controller has started from "start-up mode" or cold start.



The Echelon chip can be reset using NodeUtil.exe  .  This is a DOS-based program that can be loaded onto a laptop with an FTT-10 Echelon adaptor. A clean working set of controller files will be downloaded to the device.

  1. In the case of a flashing red LED - Download 'clean' files to the controller
  2. Start NodeUtil on the laptop and plug LON cable into the controller
  3. Reset controller (via onboard reset button)
  4. Activate the plug-in LON card service pin and the Neuron Id should appear on the laptop. Note: If further controller resets and service pin activations fail to generate the service pin echo then discard the plug-in card and replace with a new one.
  5. From the NodeUtil menu select 'R' and enter the Node Id number
  6. Confirm the reset of 3150 Node
  7. The service LED should stop flashing and the controller should now be 'Configured' that is not 'applicationless'
  8. In the red LED is permanently lit - Download 'clean' files to the controller, the Echelon chip will become locked again. Repeat the reset procedure using NodeUtil.exe, this will allow the controller to work, but the plug-in card will need to be replaced.

Example of NodeUtil process;

NODEUTIL> (H)elp with commands
A -- (A)dd node to list.
D -- Set the (D)omain of the network interface.
E -- (E)xit this application and return to DOS.
F -- (F)ind nodes in the current domain.
G -- (G)o to node menu.............
H -- (H)elp with commands.
L -- Display node (L)ist.
M -- Change node (M)ode or state.
O -- Redirect (O)utput to a file.
P -- Send a service (P)in message.
R -- (R)eboot 3150 node.
S -- Report node (S)tatus and statistics.
T -- (T)ransceiver parameters.
V -- Control (V)erbose modes.
W -- (W)ink a node.
Z -- Shell out to DOS.
NODEUTIL> Received an ID message from node 2.
Program ID is ICLON1a
NODEUTIL> Received an ID message from node 2.
NODEUTIL> (R)eboot 3150 node
Enter node id for reboot (0-2) [2] :2
*** Neuron 3150: Rebooting will reset comm. params, node state
on-chip EEPROM variables and buffer configuration
Are you sure you really want to do this? (Y/[N]): Successfully rebooted node

A second solution has been provided by a customer and could be considered if the above suggestions does not provide a solution.

Alternative reset procedure provided by a customer is as follows: -

1. Removed the IC LON from both the LON and the Sigma network.
2. I used SCDU tool to re-node the ICLON to a random IP address, which I believe cleared the database and the files etc.
3. I removed the power form the ICLON and then removed the LON daughterboard card from the ICLON mainboard.
4. Re-instated power and re-installed the LON daughterboard card.
5. Connected with NODE Utility as per the product data-sheet below. And cleared the LON comms buffers as the suggested method.
6. Checked that the red constant service light ceased from the constant illumination. And witnessed that the Green LON heartbeat LED was operational.
7. Re-Node the ICLON to the original IP and check operation.

* The Sigma IC-LON plug-in card can be purchased using the part number S-LON. The S-LON has been discontinued as of 29th December 2017 and it is now in the service period (limited quantities available for purchase). Refer to PA-00528 for details.

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